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  • 24通道IEPE加速度计/ bsp;电压输入
  • 每通道24位ADC
  • 204.8 k个样本/秒/通道 bsp;采样率
  • 内置电流激励
  • 2通道同步转速计
  • 1 MHz转速计频率范围
  • ±25V、±250 V转速计输入 bsp;范围

    AMETEK’s family of rugged instrumentation is designed and built to operate in some of the most extreme
    environmental conditions imaginable, without compromising measurement accuracy or performance.
    An ideal solution for measuring acceleration forces, such as sensing static and dynamic movement or
    vibrations, the RX0424 delivers repeatable laboratory grade measurements to the field. Fully integrated IEPE
    current excitation and tachometer input channels further enhance the instruments utility and functionality.

    Independent 24-bit analog-to-digital converters, combined with meticulous signal path design, result in
    exceptional accuracy at programmable data acquisition rates up to 204.8 kSa per second. Multiple input
    ranges are combined with the independent ADC’s to deliver repeatable, high resolution measurements
    ensuring that all vibration events, large or small, can be accurately captured.
    Precision IEPE current excitation sources can be programmed to generate either 4.5 mA or 10 mA drive
    current and tailored to meet specific application demands. Built-in selftest diagnostics improve test
    confidence with access to internal temperatures, memory and closed loop end-to-end self-calibration.

    Multiple instruments are easily distributed around the test article, thus reducing long analog cable lengths and
    minimizing errors induced by noisy environments. Setup and maintenance times are also reduced thanks to
    shorter, more manageable transducer cable runs.
    Data correlation is achieved utilizing industry standard IEEE-1588 synchronization and timestamp
    methodology. This applies to individual channels within a single instrument, as well as to multiple instruments
    distributed around a test article.

    IP66 rated to protect against dust, spills, humidity, and water jets from every direction, the RX0424 can be
    used virtually anywhere, especially when combined with rugged Mil-Grade connectors. Extended operating
    temperatures of -20°C to +60°C are delivered in a compact, light-weight design leveraging thermal
    conduction cooling techniques to dissipate heat without the use of a fan.

    Open Source, industry standard, drivers and programming interfaces provide the flexibility and freedom
    of choice to select the application programming environment best suited for the application and specific
    development requirements. Turn-key software, including EXLab and APEX DS is also available.
    EXLab is an easy to use solution featuring intelligent configuration capabilities, automatic device discovery,
    extensive time and frequency domain data visualization, and post-acquisition display and analysis tools. SDRL
    X-Modal III, experimental modal analysis software, features intuitive task-oriented user interfaces, extensive
    modal parameter estimation algorithms, parallel display capabilities, flexible data management, and
    unparalleled channel expandability.
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    EMX-4380 4通道、625 kSa/s智能动态信号分析仪、充电、IEPE和电压
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