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  • 24通道电桥/应变计测量
  • 设计用于支持动态和静态电桥测量
  • 128 Ksa/s与每通道24位ADC,可实现高分辨率数据和宽动态范围
  • 通过IEEE-1588在分布式环境中实现测量的精确同步
  • 坚固耐用的设计;-20°C至+ 60°C的工作范围
  • IP66等级
  • 通过LXI行业标准实现GigE以太网连接

    The RX0124 is part of VTI's RX series family of rugged instruments with built in sensor signal conditioning. The RX0124 is designed to address all strain/bridge measurement requirements for use in a harsh test cell environment. All connections and operations are designed for rugged operation by using Mil-Grade connections for all inputs.

    The RX0124 is capable of:
    • 24 simultaneous sampling ADC's and Bridge signal conditioning
    • Bridge Completion Selections of 120Ω, 350Ω, and 1000Ω
    • Ethernet interface for simplified scalability and distributability of measurements
    • 24-bit A/D converters per channel with selectable sample rate of up to 128Ksa/s.

    The unit has an IP66 rating, protecting against dust, spills, humidity, and water jets from every direction. All connections are designed for rugged operation through the incorporation of Mil-Grade connections for all inputs. The unit also has an extended operating temperature range of -20°C to +60°C and a compact, light-weight design. Using thermal conduction cooling techniques, the RX0124 is able to dissipate heat without the use of a fan.


    The RX0124 has built in health monitoring capability. This allows for close monitoring of functions, including:

    • Signal conditioning and ADC – Voltage excitation, current excitation, and bridge completion
    • Input Voltage Ranges
    • Volatile and Non-volatile memory of the system
    • Internal TEDS memory
    • Closed loop end-to-end self-calibration to help ensure maximum accuracy over time and temperature
    • Loop/lead wire resistance
    • Open and short circuit self-test diagnosis
    • Gage integrity verification


    The RX0124 leverages its internal FPGA for all necessary signal processing and digitally filters all signals to output alias free data for maximum data reliability.

    ADC data can be corrected in real time and scaled to engineering units. Digital filtering and average are examples of digital signal processing that can be applied real time to the ADC data. DSP (Digital Signal Processing) allows for the user to change filter characteristics without changing hardware.


    The RX0124 can monitor its own internal temperature and airflow and provide over-temperature warning and temperature readings over Ethernet interfaces.


    The VTI RX series family of instruments supports easy integration and synchronization of multiple devices through the IEEE-1588 synchronization standard. Multiple instruments can be easily distributed extremely close to the measurement points of interest reducing the run length of analog cable, minimizing errors induced by noisy environments. All measurement data is returned with IEEE-1588 timestamp values with typical accuracies of <100 ns ensuring that acquired data is tightly correlated across the test article.

    When multiple instruments are connected on a local network, the instruments with the most accurate clock source will automatically become the master, and other instruments will derive the clock from the master - simplifying data synchronization across multiple units.


    The RX0124 gives users the ability to address a wide range of strain gage measurement capabilities with a single instrument. The RX0124 can be configured to provide highly accurate static strain measurements using constant voltage bridge excitation at a wide range of sample rates.

    For 2 wire dynamic strain gage measurements, the instrument can be configured to provide constant current excitation with AC coupling to capture data at rates of up to 128Ksa/sec to properly capture dynamic strain responses. This gives the RX0124 the ability to work in a wide range of applications simplifying setup and reducing multiple measurement configurations. All of this is configured and controlled via the LXI/Ethernet interface.

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