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  • 每个仪器都有 16 个独立的 16 位 D/A 转换器,用于高速信号生成
  • 每个VXI总线C尺寸的插槽最多有48个D/A转换器
  • ±20 V 和 ±10 V 输出范围
  • 能以高达 100 kSa/s 的时速生成任意波形,并具备内置程控计时器
  • FIFO模式允许高速不间断的数据输出
  • 数据存储和扫描列表可加速测试速度
  • 多种触发功能
  • 与SCPI兼容
  • VXI 即插即用驱动程序

    The VM3616A provides 16 independent channels of a digital to analog converters (DACs) with 16 bits of resolution. Each channel consists of an independent DAC combined with an output amplifier. Along with static output operation, the VM3616A provides a FIFO mode where the selected channels can accept and output a continuous stream of data. The VM3616A also offers arbitrary waveform generation (AWG) mode which supports sophisticated looping and branching to build complex waveforms without the system controller’s intervention. The data may be paced out of the instrument by using either a user-supplied clock or the internal programmable timer.

    The VM3616A is the highest density arbitrary waveform generator available on the VXIbus platform, offering up to 48 channels in a single-wide, C-size VXIbus module, and is ideal for automotive and medical applications where multiple low frequency signals need to be generated.

    This module is part of the VMIP™ family of instruments and can be combined with up to two other modules to form a high-density VXIbus instrument that fully utilizes the capabilities of the VMIP™.

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    VM3618 8通道隔离16位D/A
    VM3640 具有断电功能的50 MSa/s任意波形发生器
    VM3608A 8通道、16位DAC/波形发生器
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