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  • A和B通道的频率范围均为200 MHz
  • 1 ns的时间间隔分辨率(平均100 ps)
  • 1秒选通时间内的9位分辨率
  • VXI 总线读数超过每秒 200 个
  • 多达32,000个板载读数,支持直接寄存器访问,可实现较快的数据吞吐量
  • 属于 VMIP 系列产品,可在单个 C 尺寸卡(即 DMM/AWG)上与多达两个其他仪器结合使用
  • 内置 DVM,用于基本的电压测量

    The VM2164 is a high-performance system level universal counter, designed to outperform traditional rack-and-stack and other C-size VXIbus counters, but with a considerably smaller footprint. Being part of the VMIP™ family, the VM2164 can be combined with up to two other high-performance instruments on a single C-Size card.

    A powerful combination for any automated test set is the single VXIbus module, VT2000, combining a 6.5 digit system DMM (VM2710A), 1 ns universal counter (VM2164), and a 50 MSa/s arbitrary waveform/function generator (VM3640A).

    For ATE applications, making high-speed precise measurements and passing these measurements back to the host controller is critical. The VM2164 allows over 200 readings per second over the backplane, while providing extensive arming and triggering capability, allowing the VM2164 to be easily synchronized to external events, or other measurement devices. Add a built-in TCXO or OCXO time base option for improved measurement stability.

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