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  • 静态数字输入/输出
  • 总共32个通道,双向 bsp;
  • 每个通道都有高电流(300 mA)。源/接收器
  • 每个通道的电压输入和输出为2.8 V至60 V
  • 嵌入式软前面板接口
  • 具有常用的IVI软件驱动程序
  • 多个数字逻辑电平:LV TTL、TTL
  • 1000 V时的光学隔离

    The EMX-75XX Series adds to AMETEK VTI Instruments' growing PXI Express (PXIe) Core Automated Test Equipment (ATE)TM family as a high-current, high-density digital input/output line of modules. Unlike many static I/O PXIe modules on the market today, the EMX-75XX Series can sink or source up to 300 mA on each channel. Delivering beyond just 2 V and 5 V, engineers can program the cards to support a wide range of voltages, including 2 V and 28 V, +15 V and -15 V, and more—on every channel, for both input and output.

    Because the EMX-75XX Series can deliver a full 300 mA on all of its channels, bidirectionally, engineers no longer have to worry about tailoring it to their application. Program the module and let it run. Need to change a value? Simply reprogram it. There is no longer a reason to swap out components, which typically hinders productivity and efficiency stemming from the additional installation processes. The specialized EMX-7510, EMX-7511, EMX-7512, EMX-7513, EMX-7514, and EMX-7515 variations offer 1000 V isolation and 64 unidirectional channels for specialized applications.

    Sourcing components from VTI means that every solution has the same proven signal integrity VTI has consistently delivered for the last 20 years. The EMX-75XX Series builds upon this legacy to accurately deliver signals from the test setup to the rest of the ATE system.

    With industry standard software including IVI drivers available, the EMX-75XX Series easily connects to the rest of any ATE configuration.

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    部件号/型号 描述
    CMX09 9插槽PXI Express机箱
    CMX18 18插槽3U PXI Express机箱,带宽高达8 GB/s
    70-0409-160 应变消除支架套件(不带连接器)
    52-0109-000 压接引脚(包括100个压接引脚)
    27-0088-160 配对连接器(每个板一个)
    46-0010-000 压接工具(DIN)
    46-0011-000 拔出工具(DIN)
    70-0363-505 160 针无端接电缆组件,3 英尺长
    70-0367-005 EMX-TB160SE端子块,单端模块
    EMX-7510 64-CH DIO、源/接收器,高达 60 V,静态 I/O
    EMX-7511 64-CH,DIO TTL,静态I/O
    EMX-7512 64-CH,DIO LV TTL,静态I/O
    EMX-7514 64 DO,源/接收器,高达 60 V,隔离静态 I/O
    EMX-7515 64 DI,高达 60 V,隔离静态 I/O
    EMX-2500 用于SentinelEX PXIe主机的千兆以太网LXI系统控制器
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