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  • 四个独立通道
  • 串联或并联操作
  • 精密传感器仿真
  • 低热偏移(≤±25 μV)
  • 独立的检测反馈
  • 动态软前面板接口
  • IVI-COM、IVI-C、LabVIEW™驱动程序
  • 3 年质保

    Combining AMETEK VTI Instruments' proven industry track record with its ever-expanding line of PXI Express (PXIe) products, the EMX-70XX Series offers a selection of programmable resistor ladders that easily integrate with any PXIe system. Simulate everything from RTDs, thermistors, and pressure sensors to potentiometers and strain gauges. Ideal for functional test applications such as medical, aerospace, and automotive where low-power load or fault insertion simulation is required.


    The same high quality that goes into all our core ATE products goes into the EMX-70XX Series. Not only do you get the latest technology with PXIe but you also get AMETEK VTI Instruments' comprehensive help and support programs along with a standard three-year warranty. Mix and match as your applications require, easily create and configure high-density measurement and switching systems with the latest PXIe interface, and stop worrying about obsolescence.


    The EMX-70XX family is exceptionally stable and accurate at ±0.02% of the programmed value (±0.5 Ω) for every resistance value from 1 Ω to 16,383 Ω. Operating at just 0.5 W with a low thermal offset of ≤±25 µV ensures accurate, reliable operation; it’s ideal for a wide range of applications.


    With four independent channels of four decades each, the EMX-70XX family can be programmed and controlled with either an API or a dynamic soft front panel interface. Combine two or four channels together to simulate a potentiometer, connect two or more channels in parallel for increased accuracy and step size, or use the channels in series to increase the range when needed.


    The EMX-70XX Series can be used with industry standard software, including LabVIEW™, with no need for special configuration. The API or dynamic soft front panel interfaces are usable with any setup and the EMX-70XX comes with IVI-COM, IVI-C, and LabVIEW™ drivers.
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